Long Arm Quilting Services
Custom Quilting
You have invested a lot into making your quilt ... planning, fabric, time. Your quilt should be finished in a manor that complements your custom creation. I will discuss with you what your vision is for the quilting, suggest designs that will enhance your pieced or appliqued designs. You decide on the level of custom work you want - from light custom designs to densely quilted. I want to ensure that how much stitching goes into finishing your quilt is what you want. 
All Over Quilting
Custom All-over designs provide a repeated pattern to a quilt.  I will discuss with you what type of design you're looking for and suggest designs that would complement your quilt. Do you like swirls? Geometrics? Baptist Fan? Feathers? There's no limit to the possibilities! 
Pantograph Quilting
Pantograph quilting provides you with a uniform all over design. Choose from a wide variety of commercial patterns available. 


You can provide your own batting, or choose to use one of the battings I offer. These are charged by the yard, and are cut for your quilt. 

I offer:
Hobbs Cotton
Hobbs 80/20
Hobbs Poly
Hobbs Wool

Prior to starting your quilt, I will provide you with an accurate quote based on the size of your quilt, style of quilting and density of design. 
Custom Quilting
Custom quilting is hand guided, and can include a variety of designs. 

Light custom 0.02/sq in
Medium custom 0.023 (including SID)
Dense quilting from 0.025

* Minimum charge: $40

Thread Charges:
$5-15 depending on size/density of quilting. Quoted with quilt. 

All Over Quilting
All over designs are hand guided and can range in size from small motifs to large overall designs. 

Light Meandering: 0.018/sq in
all other all over quilting: 0.02/sq in

* Minimum charge: $40

Thread Charges:
$5 up to full size quilt
$10 Queen or King quilg
Pantograph quilting: Depending on the density of the pattern selected pricing is as follows: 

From 0.02/sq in

* Minimum charge: $40

Thread charges:
$5 up to full size quilt
$10 queen or King quilt

Basting Services
Do you enjoy hand quilting, or would you like to quilt your own quilts on your domestic machine?  If you want to save your knees, time and fingers, I can baste your quilt for you!

Basting Service charge: $0.01/sq in. 
$15  minimum. 
Sending your quilt for Quilting
Please call or e-mail prior to mailing your quilt so I know to expect it. I recommend you send it with tracking. Once completed, it will be sent back to you with tracking.  Please include the quilting services form which can be downloaded here: 
Tel.: 281-904-0925

Email: myquiltingfairy@gmail.com
26707 Eagle Park Lane
Katy, Tx